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The Supervillain League
Date Formed: 9/20/2010
Founding Member: @Kyzock
Main Server: Pinnacle
Other Servers: Triumph, Virtue

The dastardly couterpart to The Superhero League, The Supervillain League was founded on the same day with ill-intent against their enemies and a ruthless attitude that's necessary to take over the world!

With the latest expansion to the game, Going Rogue, both of these groups are accepting members of ANY archetype, so long as the characters are appropriately aligned to join up.

Join in on the fight today, to conquer the world of tomorrow, or to better it!
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Recruitment Drive!

Kyzock, Sep 21, 10 2:39 AM.
Greetings, fellow City of Villains/Heroes players!
Welcome to the official guildportal site for The Supervillain League!

The SVL is a City of Villains villaingroup, found only in the MMO City of Villains! Access is open to all Villain/Rogue aligned characters - which means you can bring that hero-class toon on over!

The SHL is a City of Heroes supergroup, open to all Hero/Vigilante aligned characters.

The main server we can be found on is the Pinnacle server; there are divisions of the SG/VG on Triumph and Virtue as well. So if you're interested in joining or forming a coalition, send an in-game tell to global @Kyzock for an invite/coalition invite.

Look forward to robbing some banks or bustin' some punks with ya!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Kyzock, Sep 21, 10 12:10 AM.
Welcome to the insanity!
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Arachnos Widows (5)
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